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Crowd2Let Capital Limited (company number 10046450, FRN 743371), whose registered office is at Rotterdam House, 116 Quayside, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne And Wear, England, NE31 1XG is an appointed representative of Prosper Capital LLP (FRN 453007). Prosper is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
The initial total cost of each Crowd2Let package includes a maintenance fund of usually 2% of the purchase price. This fund is held in the client account after completion and will be used for any ongoing maintenance issues that may arise. Every landlord can view the records of maintenance carried out on each of their properties within the My Portfolio section of their Crowd2Let Dashboard. Information shown includes:- original maintenance fund amount, description of maintenance carried out, dates, cost, pdf of the invoice and the remaining maintenance fund balance.
We are always very careful in the initial assessment stage of each property that we source to ensure that we are aware of the condition of the property and all costings are correct for the refurbishment amount in the initial package price. A good example of this would be the assessment of the central heating boiler and associated system within the property. Upon inspection if we consider that the boiler will not last the Crowd2Let Investment Time Frame then we will cost a replacement boiler into the initial refurbishment section of the package price. However it is highly possible that the Maintenance Fund will be exhausted during the Investment Time Frame. In this event we will ask each investor to contribute their proportion of the cost of the maintenance item, eg 100 investors own a property and the central heating pump fails at a cost of £200 including VAT, each investor will be asked to contribute £2 via their Dashboard online to the account for the particular property in question thus paying for the item. A full statement will be provided to each investor at the end of the Investment Time Frame which can be used to offset any tax payable.
Each investor will be given time to make the contribution. If they do not the payment will be deducted from their rent account.
This is the length of time each Crowd2Let investment will be held until it is sold, usually 5 years. The Investment Time Frame is clearly shown on the detailed report for each available Crowd2Let property. The Investment Time Frame gives a structure to the investment and allows the investor to know the date of exit well in advance to aid planning.
In the future we will be launching the Crowd2Let Marketplace which an investor can access within their Dashboard and use to offer for sale their shares of Crowd2Let investments. As the SPV is a normal UK Limited company it is also possible that you could sell your shares outside the Crowd2Let platform, however this could prove difficult. You therefore need to be 100% certain before investing in any Crowd2Let property that you are comfortable with the Investment Time Frame as described above.
This is highly unlikely. However each Crowd2Let SPV is a small independent business in its own right and would not be affected by Crowd2Let Capital Ltd ceasing to exist. With regards to your money within your account which has not been used to part fund a purchase. This money is held securely within a stand alone, “ring fenced” account with MangoPay. In the event of Crowd2Let going out of business we have made arrangements with our solicitors to take control of the client account and return the funds to each investor.
We charge a fee for our services which is included and clearly shown in the Crowd2Let package price. We also make a profit from the refurbishment costs and from our management fees.
No. We will handle the entire process of buying, refurbishing, letting and managing the property on your behalf.
Yes. In addition to maintenance issues as outlined in answers above to the questions "What about ongoing maintenance with the property?" and "What if the Maintenance Fund is exhausted?" there are 3 other annual costs to consider. The first year's insurance premium is included in the initial Crowd2Let investment package price however subsequent year's premiums will have to be paid for, roughly £200 PA. Also an annual gas safety inspection currently costing £99 + VAT will be required and accounts will need to be produced and submitted each year. These annual costs will be covered by initially using the Maintenance Fund then, if required, the methods again described in answers above to the questions "What about ongoing maintenance with the property?" and "What if the Maintenance Fund is exhausted?
Crowd2Let.com does not offer a get rich quick scheme. Investment in property does not provide a 100% guarantee of success and as we all know the value of property in the short term can fluctuate down as well as up. Periods of time when your property remains untenanted are also possible and even if you have a tenant it is possible that arrears accrue if they stop paying you the rent. However the long-term trend for property values is consistently up and the yields provided outweigh any void periods that can occur. Considered as a medium to long-term investment our service provides an easy way into property investment.
Yes, you can! There is a separate signup page which can be accessed by clicking the "Corporate Sign Up" button at the top right hand corner of the regular sign up page. We still need the details of a legal representative for the company or organisation.

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Notes:- Examples for illustration purposes only. Actual package prices and achievable rents will vary from property to property. As with any investment yields and capital values can go down as well as up. The property may take some time to let and void periods may occur. Crowd2Let do not guarantee rental incomes or post refurbishment values in any way and ongoing maintenance costs may be incurred in the future. Income tax and capital gains tax may be payable. Crowd2Let are not financial advisors. We act as an agent sourcing, maintaining, letting and managing residential properties on behalf of investor clients. Please read our full risk warnings HERE before registering as an investor.

FCA Required Statement:- Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose money. This is a high-risk investment and you are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more